Reflexion and Reflection

A reaction that is automatic and does not involve thought= a reflex. Sometimes I feel like I am on automatic pilot, moving through life without time to think and reflect. Good reflexes certainly have their value when something comes at me unexpectedly, but slowing down and taking the time to think and reflect has value, as well!

This summer, as with many summers in my life, I was blessed with the opportunity to slow down and reflect. I had the opportunity to travel far away from my usual abode and absorb the quiet and calm of a friend’s serene porch, surrounded by a lush mountainside of trees, frogs and ferns. How refreshing it was to think, reflect and drink in the quiet hush of a woodland setting.

For you, my reader, whether life is too slow, too fast or harmoniously balanced between reflexion and reflection, I share with you this thought gleaned from the wall of my cabin retreat this summer.

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